J.M Hewitt. Crime Suspense Writer


About the Author.


I have explored many genres over the years, but writing  psychological and suspense thrillers seems to come naturally.

I write about the dark side of the human psyche and like to incorporate 20th century Historical events in my work.


My debut crime fiction novel, Exclusion Zone was released in 2016. 'Present day Chernobyl, a place that should be deserted after the 1986 nuclear disaster. With no law enforcement willing to go into the exclusion zone, a spate of murders are going almost unnoticed…'


The Hunger Within - my noir novel based around the 1981 Hunger Strikes in Northern Ireland is out now.


A short story, Fingers, has been published in Twisted50, a set of horror stories, also now on sale.


Another short story, No Way Back, has been published in the CWA anthology, Mystery Tour.


In July 2019 my first Bookouture novel will be published, along with the second in winter 2019. These novels are based around the canals of Manchester and I'll be introducing a new detective duo!

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